About Oxapex

Oxapex is a highly purified and stabilized haemoglobin solution which enhances oxygen transport and improves tissue oxygenation by increasing systemic plasma haemoglobin concentration in anaemic dogs1,2.

What is Oxapex ?

Registered for use in New Zealand, each millilitre (mL) of Oxapex contains 65mg hemoglobin betafumaril (bovine) , obtained from cattle in New Zealand, a country with a negligible risk for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy1,2. The unique features of Oxapex, including rapid restoration of tissue oxygenation, readiness of administration, superior shelf life and reliable safety profile, enable it to be used extensively in clinical settings. It is registered for use as a one-time administration by intravenous infusion, with a recommended dose of 5-30 mL/kg of body weight, delivered at the rate of 10 mL/kg/hour2.


Highly purified
and stabilized

High quality

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